1. Palcatna (aka Paul Charlo) and his son - Flathead - circa 1898

  3. opticallyaroused:

    “Sol rojo Paterna del Rio”

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  4. Chief Garfield, Jicarilla [Apache], ca. 1904 photo by Edward Curtis

  5. La Bajada Tracks, by Amadeus Leitner

  6. rocknrollshine:

    Fort Worth, Texas in 1972.
    His name was ‘Saint Marie’. The man in the middle is Jim Willuweit. That’s Wayne Vold giving pair some air.

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  7. by Jess Lee

  8. Tasha, by Jean Laughton

  9. by David R. Stoecklein

  10. by David Lynnes

  11. Great Basin, by Adam Jahiel

  12. Chimayo Dispensita, by Amadeus Leitner

  13. Here it is

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