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  2. arizonanature:

    National Parks: Day Seven

    Saguaro National Park

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  3. Joel, by Scott T. Baxter

  4. West Texas, by Wyman Meinzer

  5. Love on the Range, by David R. Stoecklein

  7. Cowgirl…

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  9. Heading out with the Crew on the old Double X Ranch, by Jean Laughton

  10. ranchlands:

    Photo by Lola Higgins

  11. hoka-hey-life:

    Jason P. Howe with ‘Buena’ during a fantastic overnight riding trip around a friends 800 acre estate.

    Ronda, Andalusia, Spain, June 2014.

    Photo: Susan Harden

  12. thirtymilesout:

    Sparrow and Her Cowboy 

    San Marcos, New Mexico 1988

    photo Craig Varjabedian

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  14. Forever, by Catch—-22

  15. At First Light, at the o6 Ranch, located between Alpine and Ft. Davis, Texas. by Ken Pruett